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At Elston Construction Co., we take immense pride in our building process. We have streamlined every step of the way to ensure that the building experience is stress free and enjoyable and to ensure that we stay in budget and on schedule. Trust us to turn your home and swimming pool dreams into reality with our expertise approach to every situation.

Initial Consultation

At our initial consultation meeting, you will share with us your project goals, and we will explore a variety of options to fit your needs. We take detailed notes, including your project budget and timeline requests, and ensure open and transparent communication. In addition to listening, we also take accurate measurements of the space and property and take pictures to assist in the design process. 

Consulta Domiciliar

Design & Proposal

Once we have met to discuss your project, we then move to the Design and Proposal Phase. We expertly craft a design that is sure to wow with its creativity and inclusion of all your custom requests. But that’s not all! You will be equally impressed with the attention shown to the structural integrity and framework of your home and pool. From architectural plans to site plans, to elevation drawings to landscape designs, and everything in between, we’re sure to cover it all. We then have a transparent conversation about budget and project costs. 

Building Contract

Once the design and budget are agreed upon, we will create a Building Contract. Our Contract carefully outlines every element of your building project. We take this opportunity to show you exactly what to expect, with the full scope of work, payment schedule, and warranty agreement in writing. We give you time to review the Contract and answer any questions you may have promptly. 

Revisão de documentos

Finalized Plans, Permits, and Site Work

Once the design is finalized, we ensure that all the permits are in place and that all pre-construction site work is completed.

Build Phase

Now it’s time to see the dream come to reality! We diligently manage your build by ensuring that all work is scheduled in a timely manner and that all materials are ordered and available when needed. We understand that frequent and consistent communication with our customers throughout the entire process is necessary and that homeowners must be included in the building process to have the optimal building experience.

chaves de casa

The Walkthrough and Handoff

Construction is complete, and now it’s time to show you all the goods! We’ll walk with you through your new home and outdoor living space and make sure that everything is in perfect order and has received final approval. We’ll also make sure that you know how to use every piece of pool equipment and understand pool care. Once we ensure that we have completed the scope of work and met expectations, then our work is done. Now it’s time for you to enjoy your perfect space!


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